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Pollution Prevention and Control of Concrete Batching Plant

    Pollution prevention and control of concrete batching plant:

    (1) Noise control: Don’t operate noisy machine at night to to avoid all non-construction noise.

    (2) Dustproof measures: Install four spray devices on the side of the feeding area to prevent dust from scattering. Watering to control the dust in the field.

    (3) Waste treatment: Construction and life waste must be centralized piled up and treated timely.

Concrete Batching Plant

    (4) Sewage treatment: Construction and life sewage and wastewater can be discharged after the sediment.

    (5) Fire prevention measures: To strengthen on-site fire safety awareness education, site is equipped with sufficient fire protect equipment, put an end to fire.

    (6) Construction materials must be covered transport,  in case of leakage and pollution along the highway facilities.

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