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Aggregate Batching System

Introduction of Aggregate Batching System

DASWELL PLD series aggregate batching system is automatic batching equipment used together with concrete mixer. It can automatically carry out the batching procedure of 3~6 aggregates (second grade concrete), such as sand, stone, cement, etc. We will equip most suitable model according to the customers' actual requirements.

Aggregate Batching System

This series aggregate batching system adopts electric weighing, computer control, digital display, remote control, and has the advantages of accurate weighing, high precision batching, high efficiency, strong control performance, etc. It is very easy to operate, just need to press a button every time.

Aggregate weighing system is realized by aggregate batching machine. In small concrete batching plant, because there is less volume aggregate for weighing, we usually equip accumulative weighing, scaling every aggregate one by one. On the contrary, in bigger concrete batching plant, we usually equip independent weighing, scaling every aggregate separately at the same time, high efficiency.

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Technical Parameters

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