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SC100/100 Construction Lifter

DASWELL provides the high quality and safety SC100/100 construction hoist with single cage and twin cage to the customers, the capacity of cage is from 1000kg,2000kg, and with direct motor driven and frequency conversion driven to reach the lower speed of 36 m/min, middle speed 0-63m/min and high speed 0-96m/min. And also provide the different dimension of cage to satisfy the special demand from the customers.

SC100/100 construction lifter

SC serialization of products Construction Elevator/lifter/hoist is a Rack and Pinion EL.Construction Lifter widely applies to such contruction sites as industrial and civil architecture,bridge,underground,large chimney,and ship industry,etc. It suits the vertical transport of materials and personnels and also suits such different occasions as warehouses,high towers, etc.

It is installed and dismounted conveniently and can grow as high as the building grows height.The Construction Hoist/Elevator/lifter has such advantages as steady property,safety,reliability,flexible carrying,and good adaptability,etc.,improves working efficiency,and can reduce workers’ working intensity.

SC100/100 construction lifter SC100/100 construction lifter

SC100/100 construction lifter SC100/100 construction lifter

It is efficient and safety vertical transporting equipment.

SC series of Construction Lifter main technical parameters

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