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JS1500 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

JS1500 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Description:

Twin shaft concrete mixture machine is cheap cement mixer and can be used to mix stiff-consistency concrete, semi-stiff-consistency concrete, light weight aggregate concrete and so on.

Twin shaft concrete mixers for sale in the market is developed by our company and widely used by our global users. This industrial mixer can be used as a separated mixing machine or used as the supporting machine of concrete plant. When matched with batching machine, they can form a simple mixing plant.

JS1500 Concrete Mixer

JS1500 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer features:

1. As a miniature double-horizontal-shaft forced type concrete equipment, this concrete mixing machine features short mixing time, good homogeneity and reliable operation.
2. Shaft tip is sealed by floating-ring, which is reliable and easy to maintain and replace.

JS1500 Concrete Mixer JS1500 Concrete Mixer

JS1500 Twin shaft Concrete Mixer parts JS1500 Twin shaft Concrete Mixer parts

JS1500 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Application:

Twin shaft concrete machine mix stiff-consistency concrete, semi-stiff-consistency concrete, light weight aggregate concrete and so on.

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