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Concrete Block Making Machine


DASWELL concrete block making machines have semi-automatic type and full-automatic type. Semi-automatic concrete block making machine means that the machine is operated by one worker through some handles. But all processes are finished by the machine itself.

Concrete block making machine

Full automatic concrete block making machine means that the machine can work automatically by itself with PLC control system. If there is something wrong with the machine, PLC can shoot problems directly. The moulds can be customized according the demand of customers.


DASWELL concrete block making machines are suitable for small, medium or big sized projects for concrete blocks. The machine can be used to make different products with different moulds, such as hollow blocks, solid bricks, pavers, etc.


1. Semi-automatic or full automatic control.

2. Power-saving: when the machine is working, only the host machine is always be on,other parts only works at regular intervals.

3. Quick speed: The under-part and upper-part of mould inserts and pulls out quickly with high-powered hydraulic pump. Meanwhile, all the processes like moulding materials into blocks and preparing materials are finished at the same time. And the pallets moving is quick.

 Concrete block making machine Concrete block making machine

Concrete block making machineConcrete block making machine

4. High quality of mould: Mould is an important part of machine. The steel is standard materials for making moulds. We have many procedures like adding carbon and boron, back fire for three times, polishing, and so on. And the geomitry of the moulds is standard too.

Technical Parameters of Semi-automatic Concrete Brick Making Machine

Technical Parameters of Full automatic brick making machine

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