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Diesel Concrete Pump


Our diesel concrete pump has better adaptation to concrete. And it has advantages of good material suction, easy operation, stable working, high efficiency, reliable performance. It can be widely used in high buildings that needs high grade concrete, big amount concrete, high quality concrete, and long delivery distance, municipal construction, civil and industrial buildings like traffic, energy, power, and engineering construction with narrow site.

Diesel concrete pump


Daswell HBT series diesel concrete pumps are mainly used to pump concrete, widely used for the construction works in civil construction, bridge construction, electric power and other energy source facilities and so on.


1. The Intelligent electrical control system can adjust the rotating speed of diesel engine to make it work stable and save oil consumption.
2. The constant power variable displacement main oil pump can give full play to the efficiency of the main power.
3. Adopt advanced S valve structure. Floating sealing can compensate the wearing clearance automatically. The sealing effect is very good.
4. Glass plate and cutting ring is made of high hardness wear-resistant alloy to make sure it can have a longer service life.
5. The outlet pressure is very high to assure that it can meet the delivery requests of high buildings and long distance construction.
6. The hydraulic oil cooling adopts advanced air cooling system. So there is no need for water supply and it is easy to operate.
7. It adopts PLC control system which is with best control characteristic.
8. It has anti-pumping function, which can better reduce the pipe block.
9. The electrical cabinet is equipped with wired remote control handle for easy operation.

Diesel concrete pump Diesel concrete pump

Diesel concrete pump Diesel concrete pump

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