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Electric Concrete Pump


DASWELL HBT series electric concrete pumps adopt world-level advanced technologies such as open hydraulic loop, distributing valve auto-compensation clearance, constant power control, all-hydraulic automatic reverse and electric proportional control.

Electric concrete pump

DASWELL Machinery Company has carried out in-depth and meticulous studies and experiments in many aspects like the self-lubrication of concrete pistons and has obtained many patents.


DASWELL HBT series electric concrete pumps are mainly used to pump concrete, widely used for the construction works in civil construction, bridge construction, electric power and other energy source facilities and so on.


1. "S" type valve. It is one of the most popular pumps for our foreign customers.

2. It is made with high configuration, for example, Rexroth oil pump, Germany HYDAC filter and radiator and modules from Siemens etc.

3. The pump is assembled through streamlined production with strictly control on the process to make sure its high quality.

4. Reliability: nearly 30 years of experiences in manufacturing concrete pump.

Electric concrete pump Electric concrete pump

Electric concrete pump Electric concrete pump

Advanced hydraulic system:
Pressure differential induction commutated hydraulic system: Adopt pressure differential induction commutated technology and electro-hydraulic proportional buffer technology. It has not only merits of opening system self-circulation filtering impurities, high cleanness and low temperature hydraulic oil but also features of closing system low commutated impact. It greatly enhances the system efficiency, reduces the wear between parts, prolongs the service lift and reduces the maintenance cost.
Big flow high efficiency main valve system: adopt main valve with high pressure big flow electro-hydraulic accurate control and integrated valve with optimized design and layout. So, it is with short commutated time, small pressure loss, low temperature rise and high reliability. 
Automatic piston return: the piston can return back much easier. The maintenance time is short and maintenance work is much easier.
Intelligent control system:
Fault self-diagnosis technology: it has an insight into the machine state all the time. It can supervise and diagnosis over 50 failures real-time, which can reduce the 70% failure removal time efficiently.
Special motion controller: adopt pumping special motion controller and integrated pumping classical algorithms and database. So, its operating rate is much faster, performance is much superior and it is perfectly combined with the pumping condition.
Forced pumping technology: during construction, when there is failure in periphery detection circuit, you can start force function to start pumping for emergency processing. 
High efficiency pumping system:
High efficiency pumping system: Adopt pressure differential induction commutated technology and main oil pump electro-hydraulic proportional buffer technology. It reduces the commutated time. The optimized main oil cylinder and tilt cylinder commutated time is matched to realize high pumping efficiency.
Big power mixing motor: large displacement, big torque steel ball motor feed material forcibly.   When the material is poor or heightening the hopper, it can also mix normally and not be stuck. This increases the material suction. 
Big diameter commutated oil cylinder: adopt big diameter commutated oil cylinder. So, the commutation is much sturdier, which can avoid the pipe block perfectly.
New design hopper: the inner side of hopper is optimized in order to enhance the material suction efficiency. Most concrete are applicable. 
Advanced energy-saving technology:
New generation energy saving technology: it adjusts the engine rotating speed and power based on the load, which can realize saving 25% energy.
Excellent wear-resistant technology:
The service life of material outlet and taper reduction sleeve can reach to 60~80 thousand cubic meters; concrete piston service life can reach to 20~30 thousand cubic meters; glass plate service life reaches to 50~80 thousand cubic meters; cutting ring service life can reach to 20~40 thousand cubic meters; delivery cylinder service life can reach to 100~140 thousand cubic meters.


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