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MP1500 Planetary Concrete Mixers

Planetary concrete machinery is the featured product in Daswell Machinery and this series of planetary mixer in the market adopt Germany technology. It can not only suitable for mixing common commercial concrete and precast concrete, but also can be applied to mix glass, ceramics and refractory materials, etc. This concrete mixture machine solves the mixing problems of various high performance concrete mixing.

Features of MP1500 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

1. The special mixing device makes the mixing speed more quicker and the mixing more even.
2. Mixing blade is more resistant to wear and tear.
3. The reducer which is researched specially can make sure there is no noise and the machine work in rough condition.
4. The large size inspection door is very convenient.
5. High pressure cleaning device and moisture content tester can be optional.


MP1500 Planetary Concrete Mixers

Main Technical Parameters of MP1500 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

  • Model: MP1500
  • Discharging Volume: 1500L
  • Charging Volume: 2250L
  • Diameter of Mixing Drum: 3600mm
  • Total Weight: 7000kg
  • Mixing Power: 55kw
  • Discharging Power: 3kw

Applications of MP1500 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

Planetary concrete wheelbarrow has wide application scope, it can produce various proportions concrete in the construction project.

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