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Dry Shotcrete Machine


Concrete shotcrete machine: it delivers the concrete through pipeline continuously by compressed air and then sprays it to other construction machinery. There are two kinds of shotcrete machine: dry shotcrete machine and wet shotcrete machine. The dry shotcrete machine delivers the dry mix material by air force and combines with pressure water at the jet nozzle and then spray the material out. And the wet shotcrete machine sprays the mixed wet concrete by air.

Dry shotcrete machine

Advantages of Dry Shotcrete Machine:

1. It greatly reduces the dust concentration around the machine and jet nozzle. So, it eliminates the hazard to workers’ health.
2. High productivity. Dry shotcrete machine is usually less than 5m3/h. And when using wet shotcrete machine, its capacity can reach to 10m3/h when manual operation; and its capacity can reach to 20m3/h when mechanical operations.
3. Low rebound resilience. When dry spray, the concrete rebound resilience can reach to 15%-50%. When wet spray, the concrete rebound resilience can be less than 10%.
4. When wet spray, due to the water ash ratio is much easier to control and concrete coefficient is high, it can greatly improve the concrete quality and increase the concrete uniformity. And when dry spray, the concrete water ash ratio is adjusted by workers based on his experience, the concrete quality is mostly based on whether the worker does right operation.

Dry shotcrete machine

Dry Shotcrete Machine Application:

Shotcrete machine is widely used in underground project, water-power engineering, sinking and driving engineering, tunnel, culvert, etc.

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